A Presbyterian congregation is led and governed by a council of Elders called a Session.  They have the primary responsibility to manage ministries and missions through committees of members and friends, to be active in the community in the name of Christ, and to serve in the larger denominational levels (the presbytery, the synod, and the general assembly).

Committees of the FPC Session are:

Christian Education, Congregational Life and Membership, Finance, Mission and Evangelism, Personnel, Property, Steering, and Worship.

Ordained PC(USA) Elders currently serving on Session are:

Amy Mayhue (Congregational Life and Membership, Weddings)

Kurt Jackson (Mission and Evangelism, Worship, Scouting)

Teresa Mayhue (Clerk of Session, Christian Education)

Tami Thompson (Christian Education)

Cathy Blackburn (Worship, Nominating)

Mindy Choate (Personnel, Mission and Evangelism)

Amy Elliott (Finance, Steering)

Terry Holman (Property, Personnel)

Regina Robertson (Congregational Life and Membership, Nominating)

Our Clerk of Session is Teresa Mayhue.  The Session typically meets the fourth Sunday of the month at 12 noon in the office conference room.  All meetings are open to the membership of the congregation.  The moderator of Session is Scott White, installed pastor at FPC/Ada.


First Presbyterian Church of Ada also commissions members to serve as Deacon.  Deacon means “servant”.  Our deacons lead us in servant ministry.  Currently serving as Commissioned Deacons are:

Robbie Horne

Casey Saunders

Ellen Sweatt

Karah Thompson

Cheryl Weems

Linda Wells

Miriam White, chairperson